A Better Food Pyramid

You may have heard of the USDA food pyramid, or their new “MyPlate” which were designed to help you eat healthier.  Unfortunately, the USDA’s decisions are more related to politics than data on health.  Let me introduce you to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Pyramid.

IIN Food Pyramid.  A Better Food Pyramid | Catch the Moon Wellness

Why do I love it so much?  The IIN Pyramid recognizes that your spirituality, career, relationships and physical activity – in other words, your primary food – are also important.  The most recent USDA pyramid only acknowledges physical activity, and that was not added until 2005.

USDA MyPyramid.  A Better Food Pyramid | Catch the Moon WellnessThe IIN Pyramid also includes water, a rather important thing for the USDA MyPyramid and the new MyPlate to forget – especially when they are including milk as a food group.  In the IIN Pyramid, milk would fit in under the protein category, and since not everyone should drink milk, this is a much better place for it.  The MyPyramid does seem to include a small line for fats, but does not label it and shows a vegetable oil as the example – which is pretty much the worst kind of fat for you to consume!

USDA MyPlate. A Better Food Pyramid | Catch the Moon WellnessI do like that the new MyPlate, which replaced the government’s food pyramid in 2005, includes a category for protein instead of just meat and beans, but without water and primary food (and with a milk category), it just can’t compete with the IIN Pyramid!

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