Not Just Food: Primary Food

Circle of Life.  Not Just Food: Primary Food | Catch the Moon Wellness

You might think that working with a health coach is all about adjusting your diet and maybe exercising a little more.  But it is so much more than that.  Yes, I can help you improve your diet and move more, but food – the kind you eat – is just secondary food.  Your health and happiness is also greatly affected by your relationships, career, spirituality and much more.  These things are primary food.

If one or more elements of your life – your primary food –  are out of balance, it can hold you back from your full potential.  If you are unhappy in your career or in your relationship, it cannot be fixed by eating lots of leafy greens.  However, adjusting your diet can make you feel more confident so that you can make the changes in your primary foods to be truly nourished, body and spirit.  Working with a health coach, we will look at your primary food as well as your secondary food to help you live a vibrant, balanced life.

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